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Tamarack Recovery Centre follows due process in accordance with our Procurement Policy to ensure the process to contract for goods and services is fair and equitable. Tamarack never knowingly establishes contracts with individuals or businesses with which there is already a prior relationship.

Tamarack‚Äôs Board of Directors comprises of several individuals who are involved in the addictions community, employed by other community agencies or who are business owners with a prior connection to Tamarack. All board of directors declare any potential conflicts and sign a conflict of interest agreement prior to serving on the board. At present Tamarack has one board member with a prior and ongoing business connection to Tamarack Recovery Centre. Prior to joining the board, this individual’s company provided monthly security services to Tamarack. Presently, the company continues to provide monthly security services to Tamarack amounting to approximately $1,500 annually. This individual serves on the board of directors with the full acknowledgement and commitment that any board business directly relating to their company or similar services would be conducted without their participation or engagement.