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pensive-manDrug addiction and substance abuse can feel overwhelming but it can be overcome. Tamarack’s recovery program helps clients discover the answers to two crucial questions: ‘why did I become addicted?’ andhow do I recover?’

The process of recovery involves making connections between long term pain and the use of addictive behaviours as an attempt to cope. Such work is vital. Without it, clients are more likely to return to old patterns of thinking and behaviour, putting them at greater risk of relapse.  Drug addiction treatment must also involve the development of new life skills. Through workshops and counselling Tamarack offers clients practical tools, skills and insight which can empower them to begin to work on previously unresolved issues, rebuild relationships and connect with healthy supports in order to maintain long term recovery.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol and wanting to make a change, Tamarack can help. To enter our 60 day residential program, clients must have 28 consecutive drug and alcohol free days. We understand that this may not always be possible without support so Tamarack also offers a 78 day treatment program to meet the needs of clients who are working towards this goal. Once in the program all clients participate in daily workshops and therapy groups and receive weekly individual counselling. This intensive therapeutic input, coupled with our welcoming residential setting, provides an ideal environment for clients to grow and change in positive ways.

We strive to provide some of the best addiction treatment in Canada and our higher than average completion rate speaks to the high quality treatment we offer.

We know that recovery is a journey that doesn’t end when treatment is complete. That’s why we offer Forward in Recovery, our distinct aftercare program, to all Tamarack graduates and their families. This unlimited, free of charge program includes alcohol and drug addiction counseling, twice weekly group meetings and relapse prevention support. Visit our aftercare pages to find out more about how Tamarack will support you or someone you care about post-treatment or contact our Aftercare Program Co-ordinator.

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“My experience here changed my life. I came in with a desire to go deep into recovery and this was the place to do it.”