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An employee with a drug or alcohol problem can impact the safety of those working with them and your organization’s productivity. Ignoring the problem or tackling it through discipline or dismissal may not be the best solution because losing an employee with experience and skills, as well as hiring and training new staff to replace them, is costly.

Helping an employee access and receive life changing treatment for addictions could help you avoid these costs and demonstrates your commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.

Tamarack Recovery Centre has a track record of working successfully with employers; helping their employees break the cycle of addiction and return to work.

Our accredited, co-ed facility provides a thorough, in-depth 60-78 day treatment program  for up to 12 clients. Tamarack’s small, personal setting and welcoming atmosphere will provide a safe environment for your employee to address issues related to addictions and begin making positive changes. Our ongoing Forward in Recovery aftercare support will help them maintain their recovery goals as they return to their everyday lives and re-enter the workplace.

Talk to your employee about Tamarack.

Information about our program and fees can be found online or you can download our brochure and Signs and Symptoms of Addiction for discussion with your employee.

If your employee is ready to join the program, download and complete our intake application form. You can scan and email or fax the form to us.

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If you have questions about the intake process or the application form, or if you would like us to work with you to develop a plan to support your employee in accessing essential treatment, please contact our Intake Specialist